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Are you a Linux user, forced to use Windows at work?

I am one of these users, and I have been missing this useful proggie, actually what I missed was the way to kill a hung app using a single mouse click. Why? Beacause it is FAST of course, and you continue your work without pulling your hair out, waiting for the task manager to load :)

The story...

Part 1: The holy martyr ;)
At work I have to use some buggy software. I hate to be disturbed while working, and a program hangs. I measure myself as a lot nervous human being, so... one day (THE DAY OF THE TRUTH:) I told myself: Why not find an xkill aternative for Windows? I have been searching Google for a while, but what I found was only people with my problem and no solution at all.

Part 2: The awaking
I went on a hollyday for a week and I had some rest but when I came back to work, the problem with the hanging applications was still there. I told myself that something has to be done to fix the problem and the only way was to write an xkill clone for Windows...

Part 3: Uprising against the buggy software empire :P
A piece of crappy software can't beat me, I told myself. And I took an old Windows NT and a Delphi 7 CDs which had been buried since the ages I've been using them. I installed the two pieces of software and then the programming began...

Download xkill4win:

Here are the download links, you may download source (if you have an Object Pascal compiler) or binary. By using the binary or the source you have to accept the GNU GPL under which you have to redistribute it or modify the software.

xkill4win 0.0.1_alpha2 binary (should work on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP, not fully tested. Please, send me information if it works or not)
xkill4win 0.0.1_alpha2 source code (compiles with Delphi 7, others not tested but should compile fine with small modifications)

If you have any suggestions for new features or you find any bugs, please email me at:
or use the section Bugs on the Project page